about us


Out of all the window companies out there, why would you select us for your project?

We're not going to tell you we can install your windows for $189.00 each!
What type? What size? What planet?

We're not going to offer you 32% or 50% or 100% off!
Off what? Same arbitrary list price that means nothing in the real world?

We're not going to give you a lifetime warranty!
Whose life? Yours? Ours? Your dogs?

What we're going to do is let you take advantage of our 25 years of experience in the window business.
We can help you turn your ideas into great results. We list, make suggestions and look for the best way of achieving your goal.

We`ll give you a detailed quotation with all the specifications for your job... in writing.
Our experience assures you that we know what it takes to do something right and how much it costs... and we tell you up front.

You`ll have access to some of the oldest and best manufacturers in the industry.
Andersen Windows founded in 1903; Dashwood Window founded in 1928.

Our installers and service technicians are well seasoned pros with amazing skill sets.
They understand construction and know how to deal with challenges.

Your project will be guided by our experienced support team.
We have the right people to ensure products are ordered, materials procured, and schedules kept on time.

You can feel secure as we have significant liability insurance and current WSIB coverage.
In the unlikely event of an accident or damage to your own or your neighbour`s property, you`ll be protected.

Warranty coverage will actually mean something to you.
You`ll have the protection of well established manufacturers who will be there to help if you needed; plus Stone River`s own limited warranty.