Patio Doors

Patio Doors: Anderson® & Dashwood®

Installation, Repair & Maintenance

In a world where the common five-foot patio door dominates, our selection of patio doors offers an escape into the extraordinary. Opt for double-opening center panels that invite the outdoors in, embrace the sophistication of pivot doors, or create a seamless transition with sliding doors that redefine spatial boundaries. The choices are boundless, extending far beyond the conventional standards, promising a patio door experience that transforms your space.

As with our windows, our patio doors are manufactured by both Andersen® and Dashwood®. They offer the same options for customization allowing you to maintain a cohesive look for your fenestration.

Reasons to Upgrade/Replace Your Patio Door

Budget-Friendly to Extravagant Elegance

Your budget should never constrain your dreams. Our patio door collection caters to every financial spectrum. Whether you seek quality doors that align with a modest budget or aspire to elevate your space with doors that redefine opulence, we offer choices that resonate with your vision. From budget-friendly options to extravagant elegance, our patio doors make a statement of style, providing a gateway to beauty and innovation.

Materials: A Foundation of Durability

The longevity and performance of your patio doors hinge on the materials you choose. Our range encompasses a selection of materials, each with its unique advantages. From the timeless appeal of wood to the low-maintenance practicality of vinyl, we guide you in selecting materials that not only enhance aesthetics but also ensure enduring durability. Your patio doors become a testament to longevity and visual appeal, creating a lasting impression.

Finishes and Decorative Options

Personalization is key, and our patio doors offer a canvas for your creative expression. Choose from a spectrum of finishes and decorative options to tailor your doors to match your home’s aesthetics. Select exterior colours that harmonize with your facade, interior finishes that complement your design, and hardware that blends functionality with style. Add grilles, decorative glass, and trim options for a bespoke touch that transforms your patio doors into a work of art.

Brands Carried:

Andersen® Patio Doors:

Exemplifying precision and innovation, Andersen® patio doors seamlessly blend timeless design with contemporary functionality. Renowned for exceptional quality and energy efficiency, Andersen® patio doors elevate your space with enduring elegance.

Dashwood® Patio Doors:

A fusion of style and performance, Dashwood® patio doors represent a commitment to quality trusted by many home builders. These doors harmonize aesthetic appeal with functionality, adding a touch of sophistication to your living spaces.

Dive into a world where patio doors transcend the ordinary, offering boundless possibilities for your home.

At Stone River Windows + Doors, we turn your vision into reality, one exceptional patio door at a time. Come visit us at our Toronto Studio or Oshawa Showroom, or request a quote online!

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